Gravette The Heart of Hometown America a documentary photography project undertaken by photographer Chris Gravett in 2014. The project outputs are a photo book currently awaiting publication and limited edition prints of 5 of each of 67 prints.

A brief synopsis.

An idea born out of a tenuous family link with a community in a backwater of North West Arkansas with the somewhat unusual demographic of; population 2,600, 90% white and boasting 23 churches. The author’s objective was to publish a photo book about the City of Gravette. The title is taken from the city’s motto The Heart of Hometown America. The book’s images present the author’s impressions, minimising any ingrained preconceptions, whilst recognising that he was coming from a totally different cultural background. The images convey the photographer’s views and emotions whilst allowing, indeed encouraging, the viewer to form their own impressions.The book is divided into four sections; Downtown, Environs, People, Churches. This division facilitates a cohesive presentation of the subject. Text is used sparingly, a brief introduction, image titles and occasional observations, finally a brief afterword completes the viewer’s experience.

C-Type prints, 1016 mm x 644 mm and 762 mm x 483 mm, are available for sale in limited editions of 5 of each image in the book. Prints may be purchased here

The book is hardback 15" x 10" 148 pages and contains 67 images. 


Shortlisted for the RPS International Photobook Awards 2016 and exhibited at Espacio Gallery London 16th - 23rd October 2016 and Impressions Gallery Bradford 12th November 2016

Portrait Salon Embassy Tea Gallery London SE1 19th - 21st November 2015

London West Gallery Harrow 1st August 2015 - 30th September 2015

T1 Old Trueman Brewery 81 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL from Thursday 11th - Monday 15th June 2015

British Journal of Photography article on the project

For further information/enquiries contact

Chris Gravett

+44 7710 525221



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